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Featured Exhibitor: Ink 'N Flower



Who are you and what do you do?
Hi. My name is Sophie, and I am a florist with 17 years of experience who immigrated from South Korea to Minnesota. My encounter with the nature of Minnesota, especially the prairies, was such an inspiration that I developed a style trying to honorably model the wild beauty of the prairies in my floral design. That also branched off to other art forms such as macramé, candles, diffusers and greeting cards - and I infuse all of these art forms with my love for flowers whether it be illustrations, dried or preserved flowers. I live in Columbia Heights with my husband who is a Pastor and an IT professional and other beautiful housemates in a community house.

What do you think sets your designs apart from others?
My designs are meant to be enjoyed together to give life to our life. Like the complex inter-connectedness of the prairies of Minnesota, they are meant to be bring that inter-connectedness to our homes. That is why our customers keep coming back as each art is not an art on its own but together with the others.



What are some inspirations for your work?
The primary inspiration for my recent work has been the Minnesota prairie. The more I learn about them I am more inspired about the life-giving ecosystem it was and also grieve that they have been destroyed mostly. I try to take walks to many of the restored prairies and if allowed forage in it both for food and materials for my works. The complex web of life that the prairie represents inspires my work to be life-giving to others.

Where did your business name come from? Is there an interesting story behind it?
My Korean name is ‘In Kyung’ and when I was brainstorming names with a friend, she gave the idea of ‘Ink Young’ to cover my stationary arts as a word play of dual meaning with ‘ink’ for stationary prints and my name. Then I decided to brand my floral art and others together and decided tweak it to ‘Ink and Flower’ as in ‘me’ with flowers. That’s how our name ‘Ink ’N Flower’ was born. It expresses my love for flowers and honors my heritage.



What is the latest thing you have been working on?
I have been working on utilizing rattan as a medium to express my love for plants and flowers. I have used it to decorate wedding centerpieces and decorate diffuser bottles. Natural materials inspire me as art is about shaping our desires - desires to be closer to the wild we left behind and start to live more harmoniously with all around us. I hope I can shape your desires and give life in your homes through my heart.



Ink 'N Flower

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