Friday, July 26, 2019

Featured Exhibitor: Willow Tree Jewelry


Who are you and what do you do? 

We are a mother-in-law/daughter-in-law jewelry artist team based in Minneapolis. We are proud to design and create pieces that combine a mix of semi-precious stones, gold filled and sterling silver metals, and authentic leathers.

What’s the latest thing you’ve been working on?

We are currently working on adding new earrings and rings to our collection with the use of metal fabrication, forging, and metalsmithing. We are also working to include new gemstones in our collection too!

Will you be featuring any special holiday items?

We are working on a handful of gift sets that will be available this coming holiday season.
What was your first memory of making something?

Years ago, when Brenda was traveling with her son for athletics, she often found herself with quite a bit of downtime. While on a sports trip to Saint Louis, MO, she wound up in a bead store, expecting to only be there for a few minutes. Two hours later, she found herself with a basket full of beads, findings, wire, tools, and instruction books. It was then she knew that she was hooked on jewelry making.

What do your customers love most about your product(s)?

Customers love our quality, attention to detail, delicate and bold designs, and most of all, our custom bracelet size guide - no two wrists are alike, and everyone deserves a bracelet that fits well.

Have you always been passionate about art and design?

Brenda's love for art and design started at an early age when she learned how to make clothing. Years ago, fashion was not as accessible as it is today. Many times, the latest fashion could only be found at an expensive department store or in a secondhand shop (still at a premium price). Knowing that she was good with a needle and thread, Brenda began making clothing. From selecting patterns to coordinating colors - her clothes became some of her most significant accomplishments.
Like Brenda, Christina has always loved art and design. From writing to photography to jewelry design, she has always been fascinated with the idea of creating something new. Joining Brenda in business has allowed her to explore unique aspects of her creativity that she never knew existed, and for that, she is grateful.
What do you love most about craft show vending?

We love interacting with our customers. It means a lot to us to have the support of our returning customers over the years - it is always a highlight to see a familiar face!


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