Friday, September 1, 2017

Featured Exhibitor: Elisa Schaum Fused Glass


 Elisa Schaum is a fused glass artist who is inspired by diffused light; the beautiful colors and shapes in her pieces are elevated by the light that passes through them. Her reverence to the art form started with one simple beginner class, and since then she has continued to challenge herself with new techniques. Elisa's passion truly shines through in each of her beautiful, functional objects.
Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Elisa Schaum and I fuse glass in a kiln. It’s a process where I take 2 more pieces of fusible glass and melt them together in a glass kiln. The piece is then slumped into the shape I’m trying to create- like a plate or bowl.

What’s the latest thing you’ve been working on?
Drop out molds! This is where the glass piece “drops through” a ring mold to make a deeper vessel bowl. It’s a more challenging design to accomplish not only in getting the piece to melt just right but also not crack when I remove the glass rim off the bowl.

What was your first memory of making something?
I took my first class at a community education class and made a plate. From there I was hooked in the beauty of melting glass together to make an object. A year later I started taking professional classes and built my own studio so I could do this year round.

What do your customers love most about your products?
They are unique and one of a kind creations. Fused glass isn’t that common so they don’t see many pieces like what I create. It's definitely something new for a home that no one has.

Is this a full time business for you?
No, I have a full time job so I work in my studio on the weekends and do a handful of shows a year.

Why did you start working in the particular craft?
Because I loved how I can take different glasses or metals and melt them together for the effects. When reflective light transmits through glass, it takes my breath away.
Check out more of Elisa's beautiful work online, and be sure to stop by her booth at the Minneapolis Gift & Art Expo, November 3-5, 2017 at the Minneapolis Convention Center!

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