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Featured Exhibitor: Olivia's Kloset


These fun, whimsical fleece products are the work of Jennifer Karas, mother of two and the designer behind Olivia's Kloset. Jennifer sews her puppets, hats, and bags by hand, and each piece seems to have it's own personality. We love the way her bright colored fabrics bring the characters to life. Monster enthusiasts and kiddos alike will find something special from Olivia's Kloset!
Who are you and what do you do?

The business is called Olivia's Kloset. My mother, father, my children Olivia and Oskar and myself all work together to run the business. My mother and I sew, create, and design together. My father keeps our paperwork in order and offers love and support. My children are a constant source of inspiration, love, and are my reason for everything. 
We create fleece monster hats, puppets, dolls, gloves, purses, bags, dresses, and much much more.

What do customers love about your products?

We make items that make people laugh. When people are in our booth it is next to impossible to have a bad day. We bring emotion whimsy imagination and the child out in everyone. For a brief moment you can step into the closet and play no matter how young or old no matter how good or bad your day might be. We try to bring a piece of magic and laughter to everyone we meet.

Why did I start working in this craft?

When I got pregnant I was a bronze sculptor and that didn't really work with being pregnant. So about a year after my daughter was born I asked my mom to teach me to sew. I knew I wouldn't be able to be a stay at home forever so one thing led to another of me and my mom spending time together and we made a hat, then another, then we just really fell in love with it and decided to take a chance. I liked that I could work from home and be with my children at the same time. I wouldn't change it for the world and feel so lucky to be able to wake up everyday and say this is what I do.

What has been my favorite moment since creating your business?
Every moment is my favorite even the bad ones the cranky, the hard, the emotional, the difficult and the moments that are absolutely perfect and beautiful because they have made the entire journey and path that I have found. I suppose the best moment is seeing my mom, dad and my kids proud of me and seeing the way people light up when they see our work.

Where did your business name come from?

Olivia is my daughters name Oskar is my sons name and Karas is my married name. When I was pregnant I was a very nervous pregnant woman and me and my ex husband liked the idea that their initials we OK. It felt like no matter what thinks would be OK. So it only seemed natural to name it after my kids. Kloset came from the idea that anything can be found in a closet and in the beginning we were not sure at all what we were making if it would sell so we wanted to keep our options open to all possibilities.
Check out more of Jennifer's designs online, and be sure to stop by her booth at the Minneapolis Gift & Art Expo, November 3-5, 2017 at the Minneapolis Convention Center!


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